Monday, 28 November 2011

You won't feel a thing

Sometimes, a song is all you need to explain how you're feeling. I think we all need an anthem at some point in our lives and this one would be mine.

I've been kicked right down
I've been spat in the face
I've been pulled, weighed downTo the lowest place.
I've been lied to, shamed
I have been disgraced
Been ex-communicated from every holy place
I've been beat up and robbed, I've been left for dead, for the way I look For the things I said

When trouble thinks it's found us, 
The world falls down around us 
I promise baby you won't ever, you won't ever feel a thing

Cause I will take it on the chin for you
So lay your cuts and bruises over my skin
I promise you won't feel a thing
Cause everything the world could throw, I'll stand in front. 
I'll take the blow for you.
For you.

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