Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Cape Town Gift Ideas

I promised myself and Mr H that I would have all the Christmas gifts done and dusted by mid November. As you might imagine, I have failed. Not for lack of trying mind you, but just because I have been super duper busy...and also because I have really tricky family members to buy for. For most of them, I have decided to bake some yummy goodies because, so I am told, I'm quite good at that. But for the in-laws, Mr H and I went wine-crazy and filled a crate up with some of our favourite tipples and then took it up to Johannesburg. We scored highly on that bad boy. (Rupert and Rothschild will take you places!)
However, that still leaves our many sinlings and my parents. My mum who never wants anything and my dad who always wants something that isn't available in this country. Ya. Did I mention that I also have a Secret Santa to sort out and a stocking to fill for the husband?
I can't be the only one stressing surely, there must be many more of you out there, begging for hints to be dropped your way? Perhaps I can share with you some of these Cape Town based gift ideas which might help my Western Cape comrades.
P.s. for those overseas, I humbly apologize for not including you in this but I'd be quite happy to do list for you if you so desired....
Gift List

Bow Peep accessories
She has such a huge range of items. You must check out her website.

Daniela's Macaroons
Pinned Image
POA - and they look so yummy.

Effie Creations -Wooden Jewelled Christmas Trees
Small R99. Large R150. (That white one is already mine)

Yuppie Chef - Le-Creuset Strawberry Collection Mini Heart Ramekins
R295 for a set of 3. 
There are so many other kitchen items to choose from on the website

R110-130 and she makes them so pretty.

Coco Li - Accessories/gifts
They have a lovely range of items that I'm crazy about

Etsy - Yes ok, I know it's not Cape Town BUT, they can get sent here....
CLOUD PURPLE - tie dyed cotton scarf. Hand dyed. Oversized, lightweight wrap, shawl. Fashion, women accessories. Holiday gift.
Stunning hand dyed scarf by Dear June

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  1. Thanks for including Bow Peep in your list:-) You rock!