Thursday, 15 December 2011

Good Giving

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We could all do with a little gift-giving 101 sometimes, especially the guys. Having been on the receiving end of some travesties and triumphs, I compiled a mini 'Guide to Giving'.

1) An obvious one but I'm amazed at how silly some people can be. Be careful what gifts you recycle. Make sure you can trace who gave you the unwanted gift before you re-wrap it and dish it out again. An example of this would be a wedding present that we received which was actually given to another family member previously. There was a small amount of annoyance from both parties.
2) Don't give something that you can't find any love in. Give something that you also like because you'll find yourself giving it with a more heartfelt sincerity.
3) Don't give as a means to tactfully up yourself in the receivers eyes. A gift is a gift, meant to be given with affection and not part of a strategic game.
4) Make it personal. I used to hate it when people got me gift-sets because it really doesn't show much thought. I'm very open about my likes and dislikes so receiving a Oh So Heavenly set when I'm allergic to most beauty products, doesn't bode too well. I do love it though when I get something personal.
5) Gifts don't have to be big and bolshy to mean something. I remember getting an exquisite small gold butterfly brooch off a friend and it honestly was and still is, one of the nicest gifts I have received.
6) Gift wrap. My favourite part of giving is making the present look presentable. Even the best gifts can be ruined by shoddy wrapping. I would willingly offer my gift-wrapping services because I love it so much or, you can check out Creative Stream for inspiration.
7) Go Eco. This applies to both the gift and the wrapping. Being sustainable is far easier now and I simply adore how Lush sends their gifts in recycled boxes with popcorn as the protector which means it is also biodegradable and possibly edible! Bonus! As far as gifts go, why not sponsor the building of a well or buy a cow?
8) If you are low on cash, don't panic! Give your time. Offer to cook them dinner or take them out at a later stage. Be creative. You could even take your partner for a romantic picnic somewhere.

And now one for the receivers....

9) Even if, after all your hints and reminders, you still got a shockingly bad present from a trusted loved one, be thankful...unless of course, you got a  Joni Mitchell CD when you know for a fact that your man has bought a gold heart necklace for someone....and that someone was not you

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