Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Lessons learnt at the Kruger

It is the second time round that I've been blessed to get to go to the Kruger. But traveling in 42degrees had me thinking that we might have made a mistake. I'm pale, paper ain't got nothing on me. I stuck my arm outside the window and it started sizzling like a sausage in hot grease. It was so hot that the animals were being sensible and staying well hidden in the shade.
Armed with bottles of water, Strawberry Fizzers and our trusty camera, we drove around trying to spot the big five. We searched high and low, we were getting desperate. But in among the anxious cries of 'oh look, I think I see a rhino', which turned out to be gnarled wood, and our anxiety over trying to spot a lion, we almost missed the little things. Such as, my favorite animal, the humble warthog. Watching these awesome creatures, it taught me a valuable lesson.
The warthog, though small and with poor eyesight, will stare down a potential threat and will retreat with their tales held firmly in the air. Such a good motto for life. There are some battles that you don't need to fight and there are some situations in which you just have to pull up your Pride Pants and turn the other cheek. This doesn't make you any less of a person, in fact, it makes you more of a superhero as you were the brave one to see when enough is enough. So I think we should all embrace our inner Warthog every once in a while and say 'Suck it World. I may be backing down but I'm not bowing out.'

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