Friday, 16 December 2011

My Sisters Keeper

I have a beautiful younger sister. She is all of 10 years and a total madam and you could say that she is my spitting image. Her personality and mine are identical which can lead to some quite heated tantrums, on both sides.  However, she is the sweetest, most adorable girl in the world. Let me just share a quick story with you of the wonders of my little sister:

When she was about 8 and we were all living in the UK we attended a church where a family of dwarves also went. My sister is the epitome of innocence and was delighted to find a family that were the same size as her. She would take the mother's hand and drag her around church with her and she would pat each one of them on the head and introduce them to everyone as her 'best friends'. They were very good natured about it and were not offended which most people might have been. She really is a total gem.

Over here, she goes to Vista Nova, a specialised school for awesome kids who might struggle going mainstream. It has been such a life-saver for her because she gets the care and attention that she needs and I can't believe how much she overcomes. It makes me think of the moments when I'm negative, which I state as being 'realistic', and let situations get me down and there is my sister who rocks the socks off everyone on a regular basis. What really is my excuse hey? I should start taking lessons from her and see the world in a brighter light. Roll on a better New Year then.


  1. Beautiful pic! Can't believe Christmas is nearly here and the new year! Happy Holidays :)

  2. Such a sweet stories. What would we do without our sisters? ;-)