Friday, 14 December 2012

On my Christmas list...

Has anyone else felt the tension this year? There were so many moments when I've stopped and looked around me and thought, where the heck am I/who am I? The ups have been equally matched by the downs and I'm currently gliding on neutral right now. My family moving back to the UK was terrible and there have been HUGE tragedies over the past few weeks BUT, one does not get through it by languishing in sorrow and self-pity.
God has a plan and in the meantime, I'll just have to spoil myself with some presents, these ones in particular: (click on the price to view where they are from)

1) Zoku single quick pop maker - R299
2) Initial ring lowercase - R470 (perfect as Mr H's name begins with a B)
3) Vintage blackboard vinyl for writing love notes on - R260
4) Cappuccino cups - R280
5) Art map of the World to pin all the places I have been and want to go - R549
6) Hero Pins - R120 each

What's on your Christmas wish list?

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Golf inspired cupcakes

I like baking. You know that by now. You might also know that once I have tried something, unless it was out of this world amazing, I get bored of it and move on....unless I cocked it up big time because then I need to guily trip myself into making it again and again. Anyway, for Mr H's 30th birthday, I made him cupcakes which isn't very WOW of me but they were golf inspired cupcake.

The green was not as bright as I wanted but in sweltering heat (it was the first ridiculously hot day we had in Cape Town) I had to work fast with the butter cream.

I used a white coconut Ferrero Rocher for the 'golf ball' and mixed shredded coconut with some green food dye to give the 'grass' texture.

Once you have the basic cupcake recipe, these were very easy and yummy to make.

What do you think?

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Places you shouldn't buy food from (and their alternatives)

from Life Magazine

As Christmas closes in, you may be looking out for some yummy treats to fill your face with. Here's a wee guide to places you should avoid and their better alternatives.

For cakes: 

DON'T do Charly's Bakery.
I used to work at King James in Woodstock and so Charleys was the obvious choice for office cakes and treats. But without fail, every cake we received was either burnt or tongue-numbingly dry. They have become over commercialized and their standards just can't keep up which is such a shame.

INSTEAD, head to Lady Cupcake.
Based in CBD, the Red Velvet is the best I have ever had and they go out of their way to make each cupcake look beautiful. They even do a Bacon, Cinnamon & Maple Cupcake which sounds amazeballs.

For Fudge:

DON'T do Amfudge.
Based at the Somerset West Mall, they have got some of the nastiest fudges I’ve ever had the misfortune of shoving into my face. I got Death By Chocolate which was rather fitting as I did almost die. I was told it had real dark chocolate in it and by that I expect 65% and above. It was cooking chocolate.

INSTEAD, eat Chantelle’s cookies and cakes fudge.
You'll find her fudge at Willow Bridge slow market on a Saturday and it is so ridiculously creamy that you could melt. She may start banning me from her stall because I steal all the testers.

For Macarons:

DON'T do Myatt at the Waterfront.
If you are determined to eat there, take a magnifying glass with you. You'll need it to view your food. As well as some tweezers to pick it up with. When I want a macaron, I want something substantial. Myatt doesn't give you that and for the price, it's a rip-off.

INSTEAD, go to Cassis in Gardens.
Their macarons are to-die-for. Thick, rich, and oozing with Parisian charm and excellence. They also happen to be one of the cheapest in Cape Town.

For the Drinks

DON'T do Fire and Ice, Protea Hotel.
The service is so poor at their bar that you might as well bring your own drinks with you because you're not going to get served for at least 35minutes. We did complain after we went there one night for a Milkshake (those things are heavenly) and they were very good and gave us a complimentary dinner - which rocked, So I'm in two minds about them. Head to their restaurant rather than the bar.

INSTEAD, choose Knife at Century City.
I know it isn't glamorous but if you want to find the best Mojito, head there. They have a half-price offer on a Tuesday for women so your cocktail becomes something like R15. Bargain!


They also do a half price cocktail and sushi menu which I'm rather addicted to. You may find me there, holding on to the floor,

Any places you've been to where you were disappointed or have you got some glowing reviews to share?

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

5 dangerous phrases said by the modern woman

Pinned Image

1) We're out of wine.
2) You didn't replace the toilet paper.
3) Let's discuss Christmas arrangements.
4) I have a headache.
5) You woke me up to tell me you loved me?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The rules of going to dinner parties

1) Tell your host before-hand of the food you don’t or can’t eat. And by before-hand, I mean a week in advance. There is nothing more annoying to a host than preparing a dinner and being told, “I don’t eat lamb because it’s a baby sheep’ just before you serve it.
2) Take something with you. This isn’t always necessary but I think it’s lovely when people show up with a bottle of something quaffable, unless of course it’s a box wine or something smelling of drain cleaner. I am a wine snob.
3) Don’t offer to help with the cooking. If you want to help, give the chef a back rub, offer to clean or wash something but putting your hands on other people’s cooking endeavors can make them very territorial.
4) Try the food before you cover it in salt and pepper. Don't assume your hosts cooking is tasteless but if it does need some seasoning, do it surreptitiously.
5) Don't eat too much but don't eat too little. Pigging out and then leaning back on your chair to belch loudly is disgusting. Playing with your food on the plate and only eating teeny tiny mouthfuls is only allowed if you are an ant, or a ridiculously thin Supermodel.
6) Don't stay too long. There is nothing worse than, after spending the day cleaning and cooking, being stuck with chatty guests until after midnight. Exhaustion can bring out the ugly side in people.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Things I've learnt over the past week

  1.  My guilty Television pleasure when the Husband is away, is America's next top model and Dragon's Den.
  2.  I'm addicted to popcorn with rich buttery caramel sauce.
  3. I'm in dire need of more shoes. Especially a pair of nude pumps. 
  4. After the past few weeks of Farmer's protests and strikes, the ANC need to be steamrolled and remolded to feature some humanity.
  5. Sweet peas are such beautiful flowers and the smell reminds me of walking through an English garden with my Mum.
  6. I want this bag from Woolworths.
  7. Brampton do a lovely Sauvingon Blanc.
  8. With the help of my puppy Ferdi, we've made friends with most of the dogs in the neighbourhood. I may organize a mass play date.
  9. Without BB, I wouldn't be able to chat to my brother and Dad over in the UK at odd hours in the day.
  10. My D.I.Y skills are improving. Look at this cute corsage I made for my puppy. 

Monday, 12 November 2012

Why husbands/boyfriends are like The Pill


1) They make you fat. It's too easy to veg on the couch with a good movie and buckets of popcorn. It's also super easy to live in sweat pants and mismatched undies but I'm trying to get out of that rut. My waistline wants a break.
2) They give you the grumps. Living with someone can be exhausting and sometimes, even the smallest thing can make you blow up. I sometimes wake up in the morning and just because he's a teeny tiny centimeter over on my side of the bed, I want to shove cotton buds up his nose.
3) They make you glow. It's often said that taking the pill can improve your skin. I think being in love can also do that. The moments when you look at him and go all warm and fuzzy and people think you look like a lopsided puppy.
4) You have to renew your subscription. This means taking time out to nurture the relationship and build on it. Sometimes, what made you fall in love in the beginning might have changed and you need to pick up new hobbies or likes together.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Couple's Shoot

On Monday, Mr H and I were captured on film by Gunther from the wonderful Vorsprung Studio.
It was our first proper shoot since our wedding and it was pretty special as 1) Mr H turns 30 this year so it's sort of a milestone of note and 2) since the parent's have moved, I've been really having to rely on him.

I searched around for a beautiful location and at first was dumbstruck when told by Spier and Brennaissance that they wanted to charge me R4000 (yes, I too was shocked) just to have some photos done. By the way, Spier have terrible customer service on Twitter and really don't give a damn what you say - bear that in mind.

Anyway, I voiced my dismay and Werner Els came to the rescue. At the time, he was working at Dombeya and he offered their grounds for us to come for an hour and take some shots. It couldn't have been any more perfect. Dombeya is stunning. The view is divine and the vineyards are bathed in golden sunshine.

So, these are just a few of the shots from the shoot. I hope you like.

Monday, 5 November 2012

The 5 most annoying guests at a wedding

Wedding Party
There's always a few one person at a wedding that has made it their mission in life to offer some sort of misery or malice to the proceedings. Here's five gruesome guests to look out for:

The slapped-arse. The chick who inwardly is raging about the fact that a) she has been with her boyfriend for years and has no ring to show for it or b) she has no significant other to be with and has to deal with many a dateless situation. Ignoring them is the trick, that and a paper bag.

The drunk friend. Slurring and slobbering all over you, these guys think they are the life and soul of the party but just end up embarrassing themselves by being a pain in the butt. They will be found on the dance floor trying to break-dance but actually looking like a whale dry-humping. Taking photos of their misadventures and posting them on every social media network can help turn them around.

The plus one. They are only there because your friend felt lonely or your partner wanted to do their cousin a favour. I hate the plus one. They don’t know you and often won’t appear on their partners arm for too much longer once the wedding is over. We had one situation where I had to personally ask one guy’s plus one to come because the guy was threatening not to be there. What a tool. Needless to say, she didn’t greet me nor offer me anything in the way of a ‘congratulation’. Oh, and they left straight after eating. Grow balls and say no.

The opinionated family member. One of the unspoken rules of any wedding is that the people who haven’t put a penny towards the wedding are always the ones with the most opinions. They believe that because they are in some way related to you, they should have a say on everything from the engagement, the bachelors, the wedding and beyond. A swift kick in the genitals would be my ideal solution.

The demon child. Spoilt rotten by their naive parents, these brats are the ones who scream through the ceremony, run around during photos and steal bits of the cake when no-one is looking. The parents won't discipline them but, depending how old they are, whispering in their ears that Father Christmas isn't real or that they are adopted might send them into such a state of shock that you can leave them in a corner somewhere.

Friday, 2 November 2012

How to: Act like a complete twat at launch events

1) Don’t RSVP until they send you a second mail a few hours before the event. This will make them want you all the more obviously.

2) Show up with a large posse and demand to all be sat together. Introduce them as if you were reading their Facebook bio:  ‘This is the gorgeous Rick, ex-model, turned professional lounger. He parties and drinks so hard that he barely gets a chance to piss standing up.’

3) Complain. The free drinks are too warm, the canapés are too cold. You don’t know where the bathroom is and have no idea why no-one has taken your photo. In fact, you haven’t even been introduced to the hosts yet, how rude.

4) You’re the most interesting person there so make sure everyone knows it. Got a blog? Great, tell everyone about it and how many hits a day you get. Explain slowly and in deadpan that you’re pretty much a god on Twitter and if you review something badly then people will follow you like brain-craving zombies.

5) If it’s black-tie, go in jeans and if it’s casual, bring out the satin elbow-length gloves. People will respect you for not going with the flow and will commend you for your savvy fashion sense.

6) Take pictures with your flash on during pivotal moments of the event. For instance, during video clips, awards, speeches and any moment which a glaring flash of white would enhance the atmosphere.

7) The free food and drinks are there to be consumed and it’s not your fault if people aren’t quick enough to take what they want. Always take some Tupperware in your bag in which you can take some food home with you. Never take alcohol home. Alcohol is there to be drunk immediately. Left-over alcohol is for sissy girls.

 8) Tweet about the event. None. Stop. Tell everyone every intimate detail. Need to wee? Tweet about it. Got an allergic reaction to someone's perfume or think the host should have worn a shirt 3 sizes bigger? Tweet. People need to know this!

 9)  They always supply too many gift bags. Help the organizers out by taking extras home with you.

10) Write a scathing review. 

Friday, 26 October 2012

Friday facts

1) Having a car without a working air-con system in 26 degree heat equals a sweaty Betty.
2) My sunglasses give me a red mark on my nose that makes me look like I’ve been punched.
3) I’m in love with white wine at the moment especially Jordan’s 2011 Unoaked Chardonnay
4) I’ve been looking at kitchen designs because we want to renovate. If I had the space and of course, the gold, this would be my dream kitchen.
5) You can’t teach a Labrador not to dig.
6) Dombeya wine estate has the friendliest and most helpful staff. Period.
7) I really want one of these wall tattoos for the bedroom.
8) Christmas is 2 months away! This year has got its running shoes on and is kicking us all in the ass. 
9) I miss my parents. I keep having vivid dreams of traveling to the UK to see them.
10)  If you can't win the argument, win the dance-off.