Friday, 27 January 2012

And that's the way the Cookie crumbles

I just love cookies. You won't find my kitchen cupboard without the necessary ingredients to mix some dough for late night binges. I am surrounded by friends who also have a cookie addiction and we go mental for a chewy, chocolate chip piece of goodness. But for those doubters out there, you need to know the reasons why cookies are the healers of the bakers soul:

1) They are easy to make. Fact. However, getting the consistency you want can sometimes be difficult but....
2) They are so forgiving. Crispy, gooey, big or small, the humble cookie tastes good no matter how you make or shape it. It loves to be eaten and therefore it has made a pact with the Baking goddess to always come out edible no matter what you do.
3) The ingredient selection is endless. You can mix in nuts, oats, fruit and of course chocolate. Adapt your favourite recipes and create new ones.
4) You can make raw cookie dough that won't give you salmonella poisoning. Lovely recipe here
5) Everyone loves them. They inspire childhood memories and they revert you back to your days of drinking milk instead of endless streams of coffee.
 6) If you have the patience (I don't know how people manage this) you can freeze the dough and use it at another time. I'm not sure if that is a positive because that means I have to wait!
7) They make my husband very happy. Need I say more?
8) They work well for allergies in that you can swap ingredients such as flour for gluten-free mixes without it causing any problems in the cooking and then eating of the cookie.
9) Depending on what size I make them, I never feel too guilty about finishing an entire batch in my own. I know, I'm such a guzzler.

So, has that inspired any of you to get into the kitchen and whip up some cookies of your own? If not, then there is something seriously wrong with you.

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