Friday, 6 January 2012

Baking Essentials

Let me have my cake and eat it! I think I would have faired very well in the court of Marie Antionette if I could have eaten sugary treats all day.
But in the modern World, I have to make them and I don't get to lounge around in silk stockings being hand fed by topless men. *sigh*
Now every craftsman needs certain tools and my baking kit is ever-expanding but the internet is full of wonderful, must-have gadgets that I fear that my kitchen may need some new additions. So this month, on my baking list are the following:

Wire tiered cake rack
I have one rack and it holds about 5 cupcakes on it. Who in their right mind only ever makes 5 cupcakes at a time? 

Icing gun

I have a piping bag set but something that looks like an actual gun is way cooler!
Icing fights will never be the same again.

Cake cutter

I used to have one of these and then someone (not naming names) used it as an actual hack saw. On wood!

Large mixing bowl

Oh it's so clean and white and big. Mixing batches of cupcakes will be miles easier.

All to be found at the wonderful

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