Monday, 9 January 2012

Calling India

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Now that people are getting back to work, Mr H wanted to sort out some technical difficulties he was facing. So he called the company he was having a problem with except that the technical support he needed was all the way in India. I just don't understand why the call centre would need to be there, I'm pretty sure there are hundreds of people needing jobs over on this side who I might just be able to understand a little better and not cause us so much frustration. Mr H was on the phone for what seemed to be like a decade only to be put through to someone with an ear infection and a missing frontal lobe.

Mr H: Hi there, I really need you to fix this problem for me please.
Call Centre (CC): Sir, can you give me your email address?
Mr H: It's M for Monkey. R for Robin. H for Harry
CC: So that's NRA.
Mr H: No, that's not what I said. It is M for Money and H for Horse.
CC: I've got E.M.O
Mr H: And how did you come up with that?
CC: Sorry Sir?
Mr H: Look, it's quite simple, it's M. Mmmmm for Mum. R for Robin and H for Hat.
CC: Sorry, I didn't quite hear the last one.
Mr H: *shouting* M for Mother. R for Rat's arse and H for humiliation.
CC: E.M.R.H???
Mr H: *Dial Tone*

Mr H wasn't in the happiest of moods that day as you can imagine. So I offer my heartfelt plea to all service providers, have local and comprehensive call centers that work efficiently and with a degree of intelligence otherwise I'm going to a very unhappy wife.

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