Thursday, 19 January 2012

Feeling Hot, Hot, Damn Hot!


I do love England. That is a little obvious. But let me be a little more specific. People complain about the weather there, stating that it is too cold and miserable and granted, the sun shines roughly 27% of the year and the rest of the time it is either raining, howling gails, snow or hail or even a mixture of all four but it is still bloody beautiful. There is also never the problem of being intensely hot. Whilst I adore Cape Town and love to bathe in some golden rays, my skin and I have had a falling out after I subjected it to the heat of the past few days. Now looking and feeling like a sun dried tomato, we are not speaking. (I can hear it swearing at me right now)
However, I shan't be one of those people who complains about it because they really tick me off. They hate the sun and then when it rains, they curse that too. They need a room in their house with a sauna and an ice pool and then they can merrily hop between the two...wait, I need one of those too. Or perhaps I could just hire a ripped, tanned model to fan me with a giant palm leaf whilst I'm also being fed with frozen grapes. Why not have a snow machine too. Come to think of it, perhaps I'll just climb into my freezer and wait till June comes around, anyone wish to join me?

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  1. Good on you Shante. I'm braving the miserable English weather at the moment & longing for the hot Summer sunshine. But I shall not complain. London is lovely, even in its most miserable season ;-)