Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The look of summer

I heard a whispered rumor that Topshop might be coming to SA. I'm not entirely over the moon about it because you'll find in the UK that everyone, and their mothers, shops there and all you get is a bunch of identical clones trying desperately to convince you of their individuality. The beauty of Cape Town is that people really do have their own style. They wear their personalities and passions on their sleeves. That said, I would love for more clothing places to open up because whilst I love the idea of one off pieces from Long street, it can get pricey, not to say that Topshop wouldn't demand half of one of my kidneys too. 
Anyway, I have been browsing their website and I heart the hints of turquoise and the use of neutrals. These are my favourite pics for the summer.

Leather heart clasp purse £12
Iris painted playsuit £46
Lattice back crop £24
Vegas high vamp ballet pumps £18

The best thing though, is that they do deliver to Cape Town.

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