Monday, 30 January 2012

Movie Must-see

I am movie fiend. There is sometimes nothing better than getting a huge box of popcorn and sitting down to immerse yourself in some film escapism. This year promises to be a movie-goers delight with some epics hitting the screens and costumed heroes and heroines taking us on some awesome adventures. I have diarised the release dates of the movies I want to see (yes, I am that keen) but I just want to share with you 4 of the films I am gagging to see.

1) The Hobbit. I would bet both my legs that this will be the biggest movie of 2012 and will dominate the cinemas for a while. I am so excited that I can barely contain myself. Even when I watch it, I shan't be able to hold the wee in.
2) Fairy Tales play a big role this year and I think it is down to people still recovering from the Recession who are in need of  and escape into magic and myth, stuff we already know about rather than fanatical 'the world will end in October' films. This one is to be the lighter of the two but I just adore Julia Roberts.
3) Hello Tom Hardy, what a delight you are and what gorgeous muscles you have picked up to play Bane, Batman's nemesis. This. Will. Rock
4) The second Snow White movie with a rather stunning looking Theron. I hope that Kristen got herself a personality during this film. I'd hate to see the forest out-act her.

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