Sunday, 22 January 2012

Reading list

Having stayed at the parents for the past few days whilst Mr H has been in Jozi, I have read myself into a literature addiction. I always forget how immersed I get in a book and that is the beauty of a truly good read, it enslaves you. I now realize, that I should have put 'reading more books' on my To Do list for this year as no self-respecting writer can expect to develop without gleaming inspiration from others. So I shall now rectify that and I give you *drum roll*, the books on the top of my reading list for this year.

1) Excalibar - I've actually almost finished it and it's been such an amazing trilogy. 
Cornwell is a writing champion and he sucks you into a mystical, verging on mythical, world of Arthur, the unwilling King and enemy of God.
2) Anything recommended by my literature herione Jodie Picoult, is a needed read for me.
I expect there to be tears in this account of a girl and her magical tasting abilities.
3) I have heard mixed reviews but the title was just so endearing and the plot, an account of the love and pains of a brother and sister, grabbed me.
4) I know it is a children/teenager's book but I believe it is important to know what the younger generation is letting soak into their minds. It also gives me hope that not everything has to be about boyfriends/girlfriends and the trials of choosing a date for the prom.
5) As stated before, I love Picoult. Her books are the stuff of wonder and she creates the most endearing characters and plot lines. I hated it when they murdered My Sister's Keeper in the movie.
6) It has become evident, that I do love a bit of history and legend. This fits the bill perfectly and I can't wait to get my hands on the pages.

Madeline Miller

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  1. I just finished reading " When God was a rabbit" and I can honestly say it is the best book I have read in years. Don't wait till you have the time, make the time. You will not regret it.