Tuesday, 10 January 2012


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Recently there have been 3 new changes to the technology in our household. The Wii Fit. The iPad. My defunct Blackberry.

The Wii began after I refused to go jogging with Mr H because it is so mundane. It makes no sense to me, I mean, are you actually getting to your destination any faster? No, you're not because the destination was your house to begin with. So instead of jogging, I do the Wii and I kick ass at the hula hoop....ok, that is a gross lie. I've got weird hips that don't seem to swing right. My mind says I'm going right and my hips go backwards, I start looking like I'm having a spasm.

The iPad is Mr H's baby and in the beginning, I felt a little replaced as he would play on it whilst we were watching The Office, which is usually unmissable for us. He spent days trying to stick cables in it:
Me: You need help sticking the wires in?
Mr H: The hole just isn't big enough
Me: That's what she said (Office fans would get that)
Mr H just turned slowly to me and shook his head. In a usual situation, he would wet himself.
But now, I'm starting to like it too. When he isn't looking, I gently caress it.

In regards to my Blackberry, this piece of coal has now ceased to operate properly. The scroll button has mind of it's own and likes to zoom in and out and up and down whenever it likes. Do you know how hard it is to use a phone that has an epileptic fit?
Me: My phone isn't working anymore
Mr H: Have you been dropping it again?
Me: No, i'm not that dumb.
Mr H: Maybe you dropped it in water (He looks at me condescendingly)
Me: Oh yes, that's right, I always like to take it in the shower with me and hold it in my cleavage.

Perhaps I have issues, when did technology become worthy of so much of my time. However, after watching Mr H spend 10mins trying to put his iPad into a protective case, I think I'm actually the sane one in this family.

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