Monday, 13 February 2012



Valentine's Day is tomorrow and the shops have hearts and red roses filling up their window displays. I now carry around a bag that I can quickly vomit in when I see teddy bears and giant cards that read 'To my cutesy wutesy bunny wunny pie.'
It's not that I hate VD (making Valentine's Day sound like a clinical disease), it's just that I hate the overemphasis on spending cash on stupid items that will be shoved to the back of a cupboard. Obviously, if you receive a diamond bracelet, then I expect you to wear that but I would rather get a gift like that on a day that is special to me, and me alone like my birthday or my anniversary.

Mr H and I have never done VD (now it sounds like a drug). We've just never been that sort of gooey, caramel cupcake kind of couple. We're also not the couple who freaks out when they've made it a month. Seriously? You're actually patting yourselves on the back for being together for a month, doesn't that sort of degrade you in that you are openly admitting that you can't do long term commitments? Perhaps I am being too cynical and maybe that is my problem with VD, I just can't appreciate the mass hysteria that shrouds people and makes men pull their hair out as they try and decide which perfume smells more like flowers and vanilla and which chocolates states 'I love you' most. Oh and I find the chocolates a little ironic too because, correct me if I'm wrong, aren't we women complaining during the other months that we need to lose weight and that chocolates are such crummy and unthoughtful gifts?

So Mr H and I will be having our anti-VD day where we'll dress in grotty clothes and perhaps spend some time in our garden. I'll cook something totally unromantic, with heaps of garlic and chilli, and then we'll watch a horror movie and play some Fifa. Or maybe, just maybe, I'm in fact the one who is being unoriginal by being so pessimistic about VD. So on that note, I think I'll send a nod in the general direction of St Valentine by preparing a Red dinner with Mr H, complete with red velvet cake, red wine and a rare steak.

Anyone got any fun VD activities lined up?

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  1. I'll be on a train :) Woo hoo, travelling across the country! Fun non?! :)