Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The wonders of SM

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1) People assume that I'm a bubbly and caring person....they would be correct of course but it does help others to hide behind a facade.
2) You can stay connected with the world even when on the toilet - and I'm not ashamed to tell you that either.
3) I suddenly have a whole group of friends from all over the planet and we act as though we've known each other since the womb.
4) Twitter has helped me get job interviews, told me about hotel specials and given me details on where I can find Mason glasses. Beats Google. *gives the V-sign*
5) Blogs. I don't think I even need to say more right? Without blogs, I wouldn't be whole. Fact.
6) Half of my family live in the UK and without Facebook, I wouldn't be able to keep tabs on my gorgeous cousins or see uploaded pics of my Grandparents. (My Gran is a technical wonder)
7) I can spy on old high-school friends and enemies and smirk inwardly at how some of the bullies have ended up looking as rough as a baboon's behind. I'm also reaching that point in life where all my friends are getting engaged and married and it's so lovely seeing the pictures.
8) It sure knows how to ruin a romantic dinner. I have to turn it off and keep it locked in my bag otherwise I am tempted to look check my phone when I should be checking out Mr H.
9) It's something that I am good at and I like to laud it over Mr H...not out of spite, but just because he rocks at everything else.
10) Back on to the subject of friends, I have met some amazing people (met, as in, seen them face-to-face) through Twitter and they have truly inspired me.

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