Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Aftermath


VD has come and gone and it didn't leave too much of a mess. After my partially cynical blog post, I thought I should come clean by telling you that I did cook Mr H breakfast in bed and created a 3 course RED dinner which consisted of the following items:

Sun dried tomato and mozzarella canapes
Chilli Con Carne (With Clos Malverne Pinotage)
Red velvet cake hearts with cream cheese frosting.

And then I threw on some sexy pink underwear and hobbled around like a wounded crab in my only pair of heels. The result was less Betty Boop and more Betty Boo.

I should also add, that I did watch a few soppy movies but I got so disheartened with them that I quickly switched over. I just find it rather frustrating that these movies can be so dreadfully unrealistic. In truth, if Mr H was going to surprise me with a flash mob, it would most likely happen whilst I'm shuffling around Pick 'n Pay with my slippers on and holding a box of heavy flow tampons. And if he ever threw petals all over the bed I'd end up spending the next hour hoovering up the aphids and swallowing antihistamines to combat the allergies. It does not make for good romance.

So the fact that we ended up picnicking on our bedroom floor (yes people, that is where the magic happens) is actually pretty lovey dovey for us. Not that I am not married to a romantic bad-ass, he has his moments, did I ever tell you how he used to fly me over to see him in JHB when I was studying in England? Yes, my man and I can get down and dirty with the romance but in all honesty, it's the love, the quirky moments, the tickles and the burping that floats my boat.

So how was your VD?

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