Friday, 24 February 2012


It's all about the music. With that in mind, perhaps I should be more forgiving of the atrocious acts of fashion that almost burnt my eyes out. Never, at one single event, have I ever seen so many terrible outfits. It was honestly a collection of mental patients who dived into a 3 year old's fancy dress box and picked whatever felt nice in their hands.
The only people who knew what they were doing were Adele and Kylie although, even I am getting bored of Adele's constant mourning attire. I mean, come on girl, you dominated the Grammys.

This is where it gets ugly. What where you girls thinking?

Florence looks like the walking dead.
Rihanna reminds me of a pin cushion
Jessie darling, the hair is bad enough but to forget your bra and a dress to go over that slip...tragic!

Emma Bunton was obviously too tired to get out of her nightwear.
Katie Melua proving that it is possible to make a red carpet come back and get it wrong. 
Pixie Lott showing us normal sized girls how NOT to do it

I hate to say this but, us Brits really do not know how to dress. Shameful behaviour ladies.

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