Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Green Fingers

Armed with saws, rulers, pencils, nails, hammers and other such items that can be used as weapons, Mr H, with help from his brother, set to work building arches for our Vegetable garden. My husband is constantly telling me that he can build anything in his garage so he had a lot to prove.
Starting with just 10 poles of wood, he measured just over 2 metres on 8 poles and cut them down to size. He then cut the left overs into 30 cm pieces and 4 80cm pieces to go across and hold the pieces in shape:

We then carried the finished arches carefully into the back garden. We positioned them next to their final resting places and proceeded to dig holes for the legs to go into. This is where the swear words came in. Last year Mr H spent an awful lot of time putting in a sprinkler system for our veggies and in just one sharp push with the spade, he cut right through one of the pipes:

 He called 'my' mother a lot of things that I dare not repeat and I honestly couldn't stop laughing as he scrambled frantically in the hole trying to patch up the cut he had made. When that didn't go so well, he threw a hammer behind him in rage which landed on his favourite Granadilla tree with led to more naughty, blush-worthy, words.
I walked away at this point to protect my ears and to have a look at my babies. In the pic you can see wild flowers, my prize watermelon, green peppers and marigolds which I adore:

 Finally, the pipe was fixed and the arches went up. It was then my turn to start planting the vines that we bought to cover the arches with and to also plant some seeds that would hopefully shoot up into sweetpeas and the like. Only problem was, the trowel had gone missing. Now no one can say I am not creative, using the only other 'trowel-shaped' tool I could find. I began my work:

Yes, that is a cake slice. I told you I was creative. It worked pretty well too.
So now we have our arches and our vines and growing seedlings. Next step is to get some roses going. I really want it to have a partial English garden feel to it. I think this Bee would enjoy that too:

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