Friday, 24 February 2012

Happy 1 Year

Wow, sorry dear ones, I seem to have been away for an awfully long time. Perhaps it's been all the love I have been experiencing since I celebrated my 1st year of marriage last Sunday. Or perhaps it's been the new changes that have happened (and not happened). Whatever the cause, I'm sorry and I must fill you in.
On Sunday, Mr H and I headed over to Erinvale Hotel to celebrate our infinite happiness and to eat and drink ourselves into a sweet oblivion. The hotel was where we had our wedding so it was lovely to revisit and recap on the memories PLUS, we got a free dinner and bottle of wine. When there is free stuff, I'm all over it like a hooker fly.

The food, besides from the soup (coconut and prawn which was basically just glorified water), was delicious. Steak with mushroom ragout and sweet potato compote.....yummy. Then apple strudel and white chocolate cheesecake which had me all a tingle.

 We chose the Lourensford Merlot which had us going gooey-eyed and for dessert, Fairview La Beryl Rouge which is the sweetest, tongue-tickling straw wine you'll ever encounter.

You'd be right in thinking that we got a little food/beverage high and so we smartly got Mr H's brother to be our Chauffeur. The plan was fool proof.....until my brother-in-law got in an accident and wrote off his car so the end of the evening was spent sorting that out.

Oh, and to fill you in on the rest, I'm now dividing my time between an events company and freelance work for two businesses so it should be getting very busy now which sort of scuppers my plan of getting another puppy.

How have you all been?

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