Friday, 3 February 2012

Holden Manz

The perks of being a "Freelance Writer' with friends in high wine & food places, are that you get invited to all the wonderful launches and events that you would otherwise have to read about on some other lucky git's blog. On Wednesday I was that git and found myself in beautiful Franschoek attending a launch for the delightfully picturesque wine estate of Holden Manz (formally Kleingenot but the English owner had trouble pronouncing that, thank goodness). This estate features a fabulously opulent restaurant which serves the most divine food and a guest house that literally walked out the pages of Elle Decor.

The weather on the day was perfect, not too hot and not too chilly either and the vineyards displayed their emerald leaves proudly. We arrived and where greeted warmly and then shown around the guest house.
I coveted everything. The kitchen was to die for and I could imagine endless hours spent making batches of brownies and Victoria sponge cakes.
 The rooms were all named after colours to which their decor adhered to and the communal dining room and lounge was elegant yet refreshingly modern. They even had a yoga room and spa which I was desperate to try out.

After our tour, we were seated in the restaurant to enjoy a 3 course dinner. It was spectacular. When food is free, by gum, I eat. I finished every single morsel of food which started with baby squid with a lychee and sweet chilli dressing (I had never eaten squid before and I am now hooked) was followed by steak and seasonal vegetables, then finished with a chocolate torte, gluten-free I might add. Paired with Holden Manz wines; a classy Rose and a peppery Shiraz.
Mr H and I will be returning very soon as they have tapas on Sundays which sounds ideal. Imagine lying on asoft plush lawn, surrounded by mountains and vineyards and being fed the best food in Franschoek. Yes, it's pretty perfect right?

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  1. Looks great and the menu sounds delicious!! Will have to try some squid :)