Monday, 27 February 2012

The Oscars 2012

Oh how I would love to be a fly on the wall at the Oscar parties. To see so many celebrities together, there must be fireworks, tempers, raised eyebrows and hostile glances. I'm sure a thousand air kisses are given and semi sincere "Darling, you look fabulous'. Perhaps I am being cynical. Maybe the celebrity elite are all bosom buddies, wallowing in their fame, fortune and good looks. Either way, I wish I was there.
Wouldn't you have loved to have experienced the detox run-up to the night, the choosing of your gown, the hair stylists and makeup artists and then the cameras and amazing goody bags (I hear that they were giving away children this year).
But I'm not here to talk about what could have been, but what was worn!

The Good:
Angelina Jolie Is certainly a striking specimen. But every picture taken of her is with this strange contorted pose with her leg shoved out of her Atelier Versace dress like she is trying to take a pee.
Gwyneth Paltrow is my star. Taking a risk with a superhero cape, she flies high in this Tom Ford beauty.
Rose Byrne may not smile much but she makes me happy.

Milla Jovovich is a darling. Even if it would make a great wedding dress.
Meryl Streep was wearing gold because she knew she had it in the bag.
Glenn Close will always be a favourite of mine and I love the way this dress hugs her great figure.

Emma Stone can do no wrong although, her makeup is making her look rather washed out.
Ellie Kempler reminding me slightly of a quality street but still sitting pretty.
Michelle Williams looking peachy in Louis Vuitton

Sandra Bullock surprised me in this. I prefer her in more youthful attire but I still like this.
Maria Menounos swirled and swayed and I think this colour is beautiful.

The Bad:
Viola Davis, just because you're nominated for an oscar, doesn't mean you can wear this tacky looking Vera Wang ensemble. 
Natalie Portman. Ok, I know that many of you will find it cute and quirky but this vintage Dior just makes me think of her as a Ladybird. It's perfect for a premiere but in my mind, not the oscars.
Maya Rudolph I love you but you have big tits. This dress makes me think you stuck watermelons in your bra and the colour is neither here-nor-there.

Penelop Cruz you are not Cinderella and this is not a ball. You look like you're trying to be the Queen Mother.
Stacy Keibler. Proving that God is just to make George's date look like the Tin Man's bronzed cousin. The shape is fab but the cheap, gymnastics material is a boo.

What where your faves?

all images from Ghetty Images


  1. Your comments were so SPOT ON, I was left speechless. {rare,haha}. You said EXACTLY what I would have. Took the words right outta my mouth ! :)
    Great post! Thanks for sharing the dresses again in a post. LOVED IT!
    Lynne xx