Friday, 17 February 2012

Wedded bliss, Year One

We've done it! On sunday, we will have been married a whole year. Mr H & I are celebrating not killing each other and the love just gets stronger. It feels like only yesterday I was fretting about my dress and the flowers and then there was the whole 'living together' struggle. BUT, we continue to be your above-average smug couple who still partakes in public displays of affection.
How did we do it? Well...

1) We learnt when to shut up. Ok, I'm still learning this because I still like to yap on but we know each others buttons and try not to push them too hard.
2) We like to do things together. We've really gotten in to the whole gardening thing and doing projects together really affirms one another.
3) We drink. Hahahaha....but seriously, another one of our hobbies is wine tasting and doing the pairing evenings.
4) I inflict my baking creations on him and bless his cotton socks, he always finds something positive to say.
5) We laugh. I do this really good impression of a T-Rex, it gets a good chuckle or two.
6) We have the same long term goals.
7) He is incredibly patient. Without that, I'd be a very sad and lonely girl.
8) He buys me chocolate so that I can make cookies.
9) He lets me cry. I do it a lot. I'm a massive wet blanket.
10)  He can read me like a book and knows my 'I'm not amused' and 'I've had enough' face.
11) We find it difficult to breathe when we are apart.

Aw, aren't we cute.


  1. Loved reading this list. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary :)

    1. Thanks so much. We had a glorious day/week

  2. So so sweet & good to read as I'm embarking on my journey of marital bliss :-) Congratulations to the both of you!

    1. I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to hear about it in April.