Thursday, 9 February 2012

When food goes bad


I have so many food blogs that I follow, you would expect me to be cooking up a storm most days. I like to collect the recipes and find new ones for my favourite foods, such as cookie recipes. Yum. But you know what, no one ever talks about the nasty foods, or if they do, they try and hide them behind the term 'healthy' or 'super'. So I decided to be different (how original of me) and thought that I would share with you, the food that I really can't stand:

1) Cucumber. Sometimes, they can taste as though someone is weeing in my mouth. No joke.
2) Oregano. One of the worst herbs this earth can offer. I had a real problem adjusting to SA pizza because they slather them with it and it tastes foul.
3) Dill. The other nasty herb. When someone says 'ooh do you want dill sauce with your salmon?', I say 'Ooh do you want a backhand with your kick in the shin?'
4) Watermelon. I'm growing it in my garden. You would think that I could learn to eat it and I do try it's just that it is so, um, well, watery. And the texture is like eating refrigerated polystyrene.
5) Sushi. Raw fish wrapped in seaweed. It's bad enough that the whole thing reeks of decomposing whale blubber but the texture of slime that invades your senses is enough to send me hurtling for the bathroom. As I'm typing this, I'm retching.
6) Apples and Pears. Only because I am allergic to them. I would stuff them in my face if I wasn't.
7) Cheap chocolate. Nestle chocolate always only ever tastes of sugar, sweetners and slavery. Give me something with a decent cocoa content and I am a happy girly. I'll also take a galaxy bar if you are offering...have I just contradicted myself there?
8) Ox tail. Or any kind of tail for that matter. Something that was so near the 'exit hole' should be kept for that purpose alone.
9) Smoked mussels. Like eating wood that has been on a braai, with the consistency of a rubber. Nah thanks.

Anyone got any food hates to share?

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