Monday, 5 March 2012



It's that time again, the bake-off has returned. It has been a few months since we last divulged in yummy treats and found ourselves rolling out of the Grand Daddy hotel (see here). It's about time we did that again. Here's how it works, I recommend a few dates and my team sets to work on the location and the invites.

So, here are some dates: 11th/17th/18th/24th of March. The time would be around Brunch 11-2pm and the only requirement, is that you make and bake something delicious to eat. This can be savoury or it can be sweet,  and depending on how many people want to do what, we may lean that way.

It's your turn to either comment on this post. Tweet me. Facebook me. Email me. Stalk me (but I would prefer not to have to deal with that)

If you're wondering why you should come to a bake-off, here are 3 amazing reasons:

1) You get to eat really good food. Lots of really good food.
2) You get to meet new and lovely people.
3) You get to do a little business. If you're a baker by trade then you get a chance to impress. If you're a jewellery designer, wear your products and the same goes with all the other ventures you're into. It's a good place to show off.

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