Friday, 9 March 2012

Is Pinterest bad for you?


I recently read this post by Ali Trachta on 'Why Pinterest makes me feel like I'm bad at being a woman'. (Read it here) I read it and then re-read it and a light bulb flashed and brain cells whizzed around and connected to make the resounding feeling of agreement. I had been wondering why over the past few months, my addiction to Pinterest had been waning and now I see why.
I started pinning recipes, foodie images that looked like something I could rustle up. Then I pinned D.I.Y projects that I wanted to get involved with and then it moved to clothing that I wanted which then led to diets that I needed to go on in order to fit said can see where I am going with that one. Yet with every board, there is the sense of failure. I've hardly attempted half of the recipes I 'like' and 'pin' and my D.I.Y efforts are a shambles. I'm no closer to my goal weight though I do seem to be letting my inner Whale free. I am beginning to fear that there are millions of women out there who seem to be achieving all three things without breaking into a sweat.
Currently, I'm looking at a board that says 'The places I'd like to visit'. How nice for you. I'd also like to visit those but between the knitting of a woolie scarf and the 'drink nothing but lemon juice and green tea' diet I'm trying, it's going to be a little tricky.
Perhaps I have it all wrong, perhaps I'm meant to be uplifted by the images that show me that what I hope for can be possible with perseverance (and money). However, I think I should start pinning photos of the real me; a real woman at home with her slouchy pants on, cookie in one hand TV remote in the other and the dog licking her feet. But would that inspire anyone? 

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