Wednesday, 4 April 2012

How to survive a Road Trip

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Because of Mr H's job, he travels a fair bit and on occasion, I am able to go with him. He often heads up to Jozi and the surrounds and we've done the trip quite a few times so I can tell you, the drive can be hell. The hours of driving past the same scenery, passing the same trucks and getting stopped at road blocks can be detrimental on one's health. So for all you having to take long trips at some point, here's my survival guide.

1) Sleep through it. Period. This is how I used to survive the trip, before Mr H put his foot down because, as you can imagine, it's not so much fun for him. So now we have to take the driving in turns.
2) Drink enough to keep you awake but not so much that you need the toilet every 40mins. My bladder likes to play tricks on me in that as soon as we drive past a rest stop, it makes me need a wee. Bastardo.
3) Play games. Not eye-spy which is the most annoying game ever. When I play it with my sister, every time and without fail, she chooses the letter D and every time, it is Dad even if he isn't even in the car.
4) Create a mix tape. There's nothing quite like trying to harmonize to Boston's More Than A Feeling and then warbling to some 80's hits.
5) Roll down the windows and let the wind roll through your hair. This only works if your hair is tied up because from past experiences, it can give you an afro.
6)  Pack hand cream and face cream. Driving seriously drys out the skin and I get cranky when my face feels like a pinched ass.
7) Eat sweets. The sugar rush can push you through an hour or so until the buzz wears off and you want to kill each other.
8) Take pictures. Granted, the scenery can not be that exiting but it can be fun to document the visual demise of your driving partner.

Anyone got any other usual survival tips?

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