Friday, 13 April 2012

Mrs Baker

I'm addicted to baking. Well, more the creation and munching of cookies, cupcakes and red velvet cake. I'm a sucker for chocolate and I love to make bread. That being said, you would expect me to feature my baked goods on the blog more however, I feel rather inadequate.
The reason why I don't do more baking recipes is because, whilst I believe I look like this when I'm in the kitchen:


In reality, it all looks like this:


I truly envy the images of Sam (Drizzle & Dip) and Bernice (Betty Bake Blog) who make everything look so effortless. By the time I come to taking pictures, there is flour in orifices I didn't know I had and butter all over the place. My camera takes quite a battering. My husband takes a further battering when something doesn't go right. I just can't seem to keep the show tidy. If you saw me making cookies, you wouldn't know, until they were baked, what the heck I was busy doing. 
I think that it is a patiences thing as well. I find it impossible to wait for the cookie dough to 'set' in the fridge and so the idea of placing a perfectly edible looking cookie for a photo in a way that makes me look like Nigella Lawson, a faff - I want to eat it!


  1. I have found that a lot of practice and mastering a few of the basics is the only way to conquer baking. Keep at it. Once you see all those beautifully risen creations coming out of your oven you will be hooked for life. :-). Oh and a bit of patience is required. Thanks for the mention.

  2. Hey - hehehe you are funny :) as Sam says yes it take patience and I hate all the dishes!!! but It helps to have a clean separate surface to photograph your creations on away from the mess ... if only you saw my kitchen after my baking - you would be shocked!
    hugs and thanks for the mention :)

    Betty Bake

  3. Fantastic blog and brilliant post!!! You're amazing!!! Your sense of style is fantastic too!!! Absolutely brilliant...