Monday, 2 April 2012

Puppy Love

You may have heard, I have a new baby. Ferdinand (Ferdi for short) came into our lives 3 weeks ago and has turned everything upside down and inside out. He's a cream Labrador with those big sad eyes and is supposed to be a companion to our 3 year old Black Lab Mia. She isn't too impressed. It took us a good hour to explain to Mia that she couldn't eat him and that we still loved her and weren't trying to replace her. Labs tend to remain adolescent throughout their lifetime and Mia is the queen of sulking. If she isn't trying to avoid eye-contact with Ferdy, she is looking at him with murderous rage. Her first instinct was to growl menacingly at him and try and attack him but we held her fast and gently broke it to her, "the Puppy stays".

It's been a struggle. She bit his face last week because he went near her food, which is understandable. She wees wherever he wees so to continually mark her territory and it's hard to explain to her that he needs to be fed twice a day and has to sleep inside.

As for Ferdy, the first few nights he was very good, waking us up when he needed a wee, which was every 1hr and a half. He still has 'accidents' but is recognizing the term "outside!" as well as "bed", although, he still gives me this half-hearted look as if to say 'make me woman'.

The cutest thing is that he just loves sleeping on Mr H's head. I don't know what it is about it but he'll climb onto the pillows and rest his head on my Husbands. It's just too cute.

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