Thursday, 12 April 2012

The real Prince Charming

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So I saw this (on Pinterest) and it got me thinking. I know I'm already married, but I thought about the things on my list that my prospective husband would have to deal with. It's a list which Mr H aces every single day:

- My eating. This actually makes up the majority of me. It's like another person. I have a terrible
relationship with it and Mr H get's that. Don't come between me and my peanut butter!
- My sulking. I can sulk for Queen and country. We once had an argument just after we left to drive back from JHB to Cape Town. I didn't talk to him for the whole journey.
- I live in a dream world most of the time. Sometimes I find myself thinking that I live in a period drama. Sometimes I think I exist in the Hunger Games.
- My neediness. Sometimes I just like to know that Mr H is nearby.
- My Sleeping. Wake me up in the morning at your peril. You cannot hold me responsible for the damage I will do to your face if you rouse me.
- My sense of humour. It can sometimes be quite dark. Almost black.
- My jealousy. It doesn't rear its ugly head that often but when it does, beware.
- My love. It can be overpowering, demanding and inescapable. But it is always loyal and can, if treated properly, be gentle too.

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