Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

Darlings, it has been too long! I seem to have dropped off the face of the earth and during this fall into obscurity, I forgot my duties to the Universe. But fear not, I am here and have crawled my way back online. Whilst I was away I learnt and discovered some interesting and not so interesting things. Let me share with you:

1) Yesterday on my lunch break, I made my way into the Work's kitchen (which was thankfully empty) to put together a banana and peanut butter sandwich. For some strange reason, I got lost in the thought of seeing whether I could fit a whole banana into my mouth. The thought turned into action. The result was an uncomfortable mess of gagging, near vomiting and then embarrassment as the I.T guy walked in to see me covered in bits of semi-chewed banana. Lesson: Bananas should be eaten in stages.
2) I have been teaching my delightful puppy some new tricks. We are now at the stage of me being able to balance a biscuit on his nose whilst he keeps his head still and then, when I say "Eat", he flips his head back and tries to catch the biscuit. We're very close to taking this act on the road.
3) Last week I had a cupcake crazy moment where I made a batch of 3 different types of cupcakes; Raspberry truffle, Strawberry and lime and lemon curd with meringue topping. It was gooood.
4) Yesterday Mr H told me he wants a boy, a baby boy. I said no thank you. Ya, that was a bit of a BIG moment but I took it with a pinch of salt because he wasn't feeling very well and was running an awfully high temperature.
5) I have my whole household hooked on Game of Thrones which in essence is like watching Porn together. It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. I think I need to stop this.
6) My parents will be celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary this month and I am planning a party. Who knew the things you could do with a pack of tissue paper and a glue gun! I can't say too much because my Mummy sometimes reads this blog.
7) I have lost my creative imagination. I have severe writers block and it's quite daunting seeing as words are my life. If you find my talents lying cold, hungry and alone somewhere, then please could you notify me. I miss them.

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