Friday, 4 May 2012

I breathe therefore I act

I do so despise it when they use the term "actress' to describe people like Courtney Cox and Katherine Heigl. I'm not denying that they aren't pretty women with a wonderfully alluring girl-next-door charm to them but that title should be reserved for people who actually act. Take for instance, Helena Bohnam Carter, she is different, miraculous, magical in each role she does. She is never the same, just look at her repertoire, Fight Club, The King's Speech, Sweeny Todd etc. She is so far removed from herself that she becomes someone else. Now look back at Katherine, when did you see her being anything other than neurotic and highly organized. Hang on, a theme seems to be forming between Katherine and Courtney....but that isn't the point. What I'm getting at is that I can play at being an overly possessive, wine drinking, cupcake baking woman who likes to indulge in her OCDs. I mean, if we're labelling people simply on whether they can work infront of a camera and be themselves then 'By Gum!", I am an Actress!

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  1. lol! Saw Dark Shadow this week, she is FANTASTIC, as is Johnny - the weird creepy roles suit him. Huge Tim Burton fan!