Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mmm Macaron

You may know that recently I have had a small (because they are tiny) obsession with Macarons. I once thought of them as dry little wafer biscuits but since trying them last year, I have been converted. I even tried making them...."tried" being the operative word. It was a disaster. I was mortified. But I am determined to try again, it's on my New Years Resolutions list!
I have sampled quite a few of these delicious little morsels from many different outlets and I have decided that, after much research, the best place to buy Macarons in Cape Town is Cassis. I think I may have said it before but I never went into too much detail. So here is a little breakdown of some of the places you can go for these delightful Parisian morsels:

Cassis - I went to their outlet in Gardens. They are R6 a pop which makes them one of the cheapest around yet they are also the best. Plump and full of flavor, I adore their Vanilla ones which are filled with real Vanilla seeds and a gooey custard like filling that is wonderful. Second favorite would be the Chocolate Granache.
Myatt Cafe at the Waterfront. They have so many flavors to choose from and a location that is uber chic but at R8.50 each, they are not cheap. They are also not impressive. Small, flat and tasting very dry, these disappoint me every time.
Daniela's in the Cape Quarter. I can't remember the cost but I do remember a rather stodgy consistency that was more coconut than Almond. However, they were full and beautifully crafted.
12 Apostles. Okay, so this was presented at their High Tea so I can't really use them as a Macaron outlet but they were average.
Checkers. I know what you are thinking, and you are right. They were gross and in fluorescent orange and yellow. (The things I do in the name of research!)
Emporio Leone at the Waterfront is another steep place to eat. Paying an arm and a leg for a tiny piece of dry nothingness did not fill me with the Happy Clappies.

Anyone know of any other locations that I need to go and try?

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  1. I'll have to hunt for some sort of a Plan B in Durban! haha! If you ever pass through Howick - you must stop by the French Bakery - it's AMAZING!