Monday, 4 June 2012

No Girls please.

I'm a guy's girl. There I said it. Don't shoot me or look at me with disdain. I'm not the type who flirts uncontrollably with your boyfriend or the type who is just bitchy. I just happen to enjoy hanging around with guys because I'm not necessarily into talking about girly-girl stuff and maybe because I enjoy the occasional burping contest.
My husband puts it down to me being jealous of his friend's girlfriends and maybe I am a bit territorial but it's not jealousy. Crumpets, I'm almost too secure in myself.
When we have braais at the house or we go out for dinner, I always double check with Mr H over who is going to be there so that I can brush up on my Girly Lingo, should it be required and get my mind ready for female interaction (it's almost like a mission for me). However, Mr H likes to change and rearrange plans without me knowing.

Mr H: We going for dinner tonight?
Me: Oh that would be lovely. We haven't had a night out together for awhile.
Mr H: I thought we could go out with my brother too?
Me: Sounds like fun.
Mr H: And his friend?
Me: Er, okay. So just the four of us?
Mr H: Yeah.
A little while later
Me: I'm looking forward to seeing the guys.
Mr H: Yeah me too. Oh, and that chic *she will remain nameless* will be there too.

So, I know I shouldn't get mad and maybe it would be a different circumstance if this girl was anything like me but she isn't. She goes on about her ex boyfriends, her crazy nights out and how she's lost 3 kgs since breakfast. As the only other girl there, I am now obligated to sit and listen to her the whole night and guess what, Mr H, thinking that he is doing me a favour, will go and hang out with his mates. I get left alone. With her. The night dips into tragedy.
But for all that complaining (I'm sorry), those wonderful 'Lady' friends I have whose partners aren't in my guy circle, are amazing. I love being with them. So perhaps it's something about me feeling like a Mummy Lion and wanting to be the head of the pack? Perhaps I don't like sharing my space. Perhaps I know too many silly females. Perhaps I like being the only girl in the village....

Are you more into male company or a healthy mix?


  1. I love how you have written this. My boyfriend always asks who are my good female friends. I told him I don't have any and I am happy like that. I love to go clothe shopping on my own, have my hair done on my own and I enjoy being in male company more than with a bunch of girls.

    1. Thanks so much Jeannie. I'm so glad there is a kindred spirit out there! I hate shopping with other girls, it takes far too long.

  2. hahaha, this made me giggle. Totally hear you. I struggle with the female race sometimes. Too much admin, and so many who I feel I can't be myself around.