Friday, 31 August 2012

The Weekend

It's the weekend Darlings and here's a little advice to help you pass Friday successfully.

DO believe that romance is not dead. Mr H surprised me this week with presents, champagne and strawberries.
DON'T insert a chocolate bar horizontally into your mouth. It will hurt. It will get messy. You may just wet yourself from the awkwardness.
DO listen to Emlie Sande. She is amazing
DON'T introduce your office to Pinterest. The days will be unproductive. However, the opposite is also true....
DO introduce your office to Pinterest. Everyone should be looking at cake pops, party inspiration and Brogues on a Friday.
DON'T be afraid of wearing tights with shorts. I'm rocking bright blue Accessorize tights and they make me very happy.
DO believe that in the madness, God has a plan. 
DON'T try and survive a whole day just on scrambled eggs.
DO get crafty and surprise yourself by getting your art-freak on. I've been inspired to attempt some of these this week
DON'T  be put off by the weather. Think about heading to Franschhoek Uncorked for yummy market food, divine wine and gorgeous scenery.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Confessions of a youthful mind

How is it that you can wish away your youth when you are below 20 but as soon as you hit that number 21, you start to see yourself in terms of wrinkles, what you have achieved, and where you are heading? I wish to rewind the clock, pick 21 and then stay that age forever because I'm starting to feel rather old.

1) I wish I spent more time lying on the grass and tracing patterns in the sky. The smaller things in life are always the things that you wish you spent longer doing.
2) I wish I had jumped in the puddles and fallen into Fall leaves without worrying about the mess.
3) I wish I hadn't cared about wearing the latest fashions like my friends and moaned at my mum for not buying me brand names. Now I look at my wardrobe and think "I love each item because it's Me".
4) I wish I had taken more time with my Great Grandparents so that I could have learnt more about their history.
5) I wish I had never gone through Primary and High School wishing it would pass quickly. I miss the times when your main worry was what you were eating for lunch and whether you got a gold star in spelling.
6) I wish I had watched more of Sesame Street. That show was awesome as a kid. I look at what is available now and it seems to meaningless. Kids are filling their minds with garbage...said Oscar the Grouch.
7) I wish I had spent more time enraptured by pure love stories and let the butterflies roam free. Books have become so depressing now and love has become so tainted.
8) I wish that birthday parties consisted of bouncy castles, ice cream, fantastical cakes, party bags and helium.

What do you miss from your childhood?

Wednesday, 22 August 2012



I used to, still do, keep a lot of my past and my true feelings away from Mr H.  I justify it in my mind by thinking that my past will be too much for him to handle; he won't understand it, he'll think of me differently and he just isn't equipped or experienced to quite accept it. However, I'm slowly learning that it doesn't matter if he doesn't understand, what matters is that he knows. He knows what me fears are, what my dreams are and how I've survived the dark. He knows when and why I am crying and why such a little small thing can make me blow up in the biggest way.

It's all about trust. Trust that what you tell your partner will not be laughed at or disregarded. Trust that when you let down your guard for that split second, the result will be loving and comforting and not destructive.
I find that we tend to close ourselves off increasingly more these days as we survive in a technological world that keeps our emotions locked behind a screen. Society is also always telling us that to let go, to show emotion is a sign of weakness; remain hard-hearted and you will be better off in the long run. That might work for a few years but we all need someone to talk to. We all need a place to hang our weary and dejected head and say, with complete ease, 'I really had a crummy day and I don't think I can face waking up tomorrow.'

Don't forgo the trust. Don't minimize it or think it not to be important. It's worth more than the physical and the emotional. It ties your heart strings and without it, you'll end up falling away.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Show your scars

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We live in a culture whereby to be seen with any form of deficet or 'issue' is social suicide. We ostracize those who may break our rose tinted glasses and we feign to not have the time for those in our lives who are struggling. Perhaps we ourselves are the ones battling with depression, anxiety etc and have become seen as the leach in our inner circle. So we hide our feelings. We keep it buried for fear of pushing others away. But I think that we need to 'lose our clothes and show our scars. It's who we are.' These scars are what make us, what form us, what mould us. They tell a story in a genre that may have been a horror or a tragedy back then but which has now fortified your soul. So break away from the norm and embrace the real, not always happy clappy you, the you who has moments of weakness but also great moments of glory.
It takes strength to admit your shortcomings and I imploy you to revel in your uniqueness this year.

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Friday, 3 August 2012

Things to ponder this week...

30 is a big number. Mr H turns 30 this year and I'm trying to plan something that doesn't involve excessive amounts of alcohol or something that has been done before. I'm feeling the pressure. It's got to be perfect. Maybe I should just buy him a motorized wheelchair?
Prayer works. Never underestimate the power of getting on your knees and humbly asking for help.
I should have a bumper car. I was in another car accident last week. *cough*, I shan't admit to you how many times I've hit things. Mr H has decided that I should be given a bike. I just think I need a Chauffeur.
Nutella is not nice when eaten excessively in one sitting. I may have sat down last night with two jars of the stuff and slurped my way through it all. I now feel quite ill.
Labradors should only be received into patient homes. So many people can't handle their bouncy, energetic nature and don't realize that these canines need a lot of exercise and attention otherwise they are truly destructive. I may start a Labrador training school.
Most of my best ideas come from sitting on the loo. It's strange but going for a pee seems to unleash a wave of ingenious thoughts....which I promptly forget.
Finding out that you might be lactose intolerant sucks. The list of things I can't eat has now eclipsed that which I can eat. I'm stuck looking at the same scrambled eggs in the morning and sweet potato at lunch. If someone has any FODMAP (post to come) friendly recipes, send them my way.
Distance means nothing to true friendship. One of my closest friends has returned for a brief visit from studying in Scotland and we fall straight back into our usual habits of talking about books, movies, boys and food. It's like she never left. I have no time for people who complain about long distance relationships - if it's worth it then you work it!