Thursday, 23 August 2012

Confessions of a youthful mind

How is it that you can wish away your youth when you are below 20 but as soon as you hit that number 21, you start to see yourself in terms of wrinkles, what you have achieved, and where you are heading? I wish to rewind the clock, pick 21 and then stay that age forever because I'm starting to feel rather old.

1) I wish I spent more time lying on the grass and tracing patterns in the sky. The smaller things in life are always the things that you wish you spent longer doing.
2) I wish I had jumped in the puddles and fallen into Fall leaves without worrying about the mess.
3) I wish I hadn't cared about wearing the latest fashions like my friends and moaned at my mum for not buying me brand names. Now I look at my wardrobe and think "I love each item because it's Me".
4) I wish I had taken more time with my Great Grandparents so that I could have learnt more about their history.
5) I wish I had never gone through Primary and High School wishing it would pass quickly. I miss the times when your main worry was what you were eating for lunch and whether you got a gold star in spelling.
6) I wish I had watched more of Sesame Street. That show was awesome as a kid. I look at what is available now and it seems to meaningless. Kids are filling their minds with garbage...said Oscar the Grouch.
7) I wish I had spent more time enraptured by pure love stories and let the butterflies roam free. Books have become so depressing now and love has become so tainted.
8) I wish that birthday parties consisted of bouncy castles, ice cream, fantastical cakes, party bags and helium.

What do you miss from your childhood?

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