Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Show your scars

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We live in a culture whereby to be seen with any form of deficet or 'issue' is social suicide. We ostracize those who may break our rose tinted glasses and we feign to not have the time for those in our lives who are struggling. Perhaps we ourselves are the ones battling with depression, anxiety etc and have become seen as the leach in our inner circle. So we hide our feelings. We keep it buried for fear of pushing others away. But I think that we need to 'lose our clothes and show our scars. It's who we are.' These scars are what make us, what form us, what mould us. They tell a story in a genre that may have been a horror or a tragedy back then but which has now fortified your soul. So break away from the norm and embrace the real, not always happy clappy you, the you who has moments of weakness but also great moments of glory.
It takes strength to admit your shortcomings and I imploy you to revel in your uniqueness this year.

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  1. Amen! This is a recurring message in my life right now... better start paying attention! :)