Friday, 31 August 2012

The Weekend

It's the weekend Darlings and here's a little advice to help you pass Friday successfully.

DO believe that romance is not dead. Mr H surprised me this week with presents, champagne and strawberries.
DON'T insert a chocolate bar horizontally into your mouth. It will hurt. It will get messy. You may just wet yourself from the awkwardness.
DO listen to Emlie Sande. She is amazing
DON'T introduce your office to Pinterest. The days will be unproductive. However, the opposite is also true....
DO introduce your office to Pinterest. Everyone should be looking at cake pops, party inspiration and Brogues on a Friday.
DON'T be afraid of wearing tights with shorts. I'm rocking bright blue Accessorize tights and they make me very happy.
DO believe that in the madness, God has a plan. 
DON'T try and survive a whole day just on scrambled eggs.
DO get crafty and surprise yourself by getting your art-freak on. I've been inspired to attempt some of these this week
DON'T  be put off by the weather. Think about heading to Franschhoek Uncorked for yummy market food, divine wine and gorgeous scenery.

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