Friday, 3 August 2012

Things to ponder this week...

30 is a big number. Mr H turns 30 this year and I'm trying to plan something that doesn't involve excessive amounts of alcohol or something that has been done before. I'm feeling the pressure. It's got to be perfect. Maybe I should just buy him a motorized wheelchair?
Prayer works. Never underestimate the power of getting on your knees and humbly asking for help.
I should have a bumper car. I was in another car accident last week. *cough*, I shan't admit to you how many times I've hit things. Mr H has decided that I should be given a bike. I just think I need a Chauffeur.
Nutella is not nice when eaten excessively in one sitting. I may have sat down last night with two jars of the stuff and slurped my way through it all. I now feel quite ill.
Labradors should only be received into patient homes. So many people can't handle their bouncy, energetic nature and don't realize that these canines need a lot of exercise and attention otherwise they are truly destructive. I may start a Labrador training school.
Most of my best ideas come from sitting on the loo. It's strange but going for a pee seems to unleash a wave of ingenious thoughts....which I promptly forget.
Finding out that you might be lactose intolerant sucks. The list of things I can't eat has now eclipsed that which I can eat. I'm stuck looking at the same scrambled eggs in the morning and sweet potato at lunch. If someone has any FODMAP (post to come) friendly recipes, send them my way.
Distance means nothing to true friendship. One of my closest friends has returned for a brief visit from studying in Scotland and we fall straight back into our usual habits of talking about books, movies, boys and food. It's like she never left. I have no time for people who complain about long distance relationships - if it's worth it then you work it!

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