Thursday, 13 September 2012

Things I have learnt from Cape Town

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1) People have funny accents. I think that is down to Trever Noah. It's his fault that I listen out for 'Show dem'.
2) People are seriously laid back. It's called the Mother City for a reason, everything takes 9 months to get done. It doesn't help my procrastination levels but I sure as hell love chilling out here.
3) Wind on a hot day is not cool. Only in CT will you find hot winds. In the UK, if it is windy then you wrap up in your woolies.
4) I find that the glass ceiling here is tough. Men dominate and women are required to accept that although, that may just be from my experiences in older companies.
5) The arts are celebrated. Music gigs are a dime-a-dozen and the comedy is top notch. I love that there is so much emphasis on creativity and imagination.
6) People eat some funny stuff. Ox tail stew. Carmelized watermelon. It makes me feel queasy.
7) Beer is part of the staple diet. You cannot tear a man away from a cold-one. The Bierfest is coming up too this week and you can win tickets here
8) Grapes! More importantly, wine. That amazing liquid that inspires and delights and draws masses of tourists to Cape Town. I adore it.
9) There are a ridiculous amount of bakeries. Almond Croissants from Cassis. Red Velvet cupcakes from Lady Cupcake. Macaroons from Petite Bouchee. That summer body is looking less and less attainable.
10) Cape Town has amazing markets. You'll find beautiful crafts, delicious food and awesome people at the markets. Willow Bridge market on a Saturday does gluten-free sausages which are very hard to come by and taste freakin' good. For other markets check here

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