Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tuesday Truths

1) Playing ACDC'S Highway to Hell at a funeral after-gathering, is both awkward and amusing.
2) Whilst Charly's Bakery make nasty baked goods,  their designs are awesome.
3) Great Danes are huge! But they have such lovely temperaments. True gentle giants.
4) A lot of hotels in SA don't seem to know how to calculate VAT. Having spent the last 2 weeks editing invoices and helping reservation staff at some very high-end hotels to re-calculate, I have decided that I should be getting paid with mass Spa Treatments.
5) Chocolate cookies cure heartache but also cause extreme sugar sweats.
6) Change is good. But change is also heartbreaking. My parents have decided to move back to the UK this month.....more on that tomorrow though.
7) Never let your man near Makro. You will wind up with mass amounts of toilet paper, a new kettle and Johnnie Walker variants that were apparently on 'special'.
8) The Avengers is made awesome by the Hulk and Loki. I'm such a comic nerd and that movie makes me happy.
9) 30 seconds brings out the crazy. Watching Mr H frown and animatedly point between his legs to describe 'Sad Sack'....IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS AND SIBLINGS is the funniest yet most mortifying thing ever!
10) DV Artisan chocolate rocks my socks. Visit them at Seidelberg for an amazing cocoa experience. Leave weighing 10kgs more.

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