Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wednesday Wonders

There are times in every writers' lives when they question their own abilities at creating life from words. We all fall into the trap of feeling inadequate; void of all imagination. We often lose that special ability, that magical energy called inspiration.

My parents and siblings are moving back to the UK this month. My sister, with her special needs, requires a better education facility, something that she won't get over here. The schooling over here, unless you give up both kidneys, is - without wanting to sound snobbish - not as good as the UK. And to give my brother and sister the best chance in life, my parents have made that painful decision to go back. It has of course affected me. I feel a little lost, as though I'm merely 'passing' the days until they leave. It has had an affect on my writing. I can't seem to verbalize or to confine my thoughts to paper.

However, I am reminded of the phrase "Not all who wonder are lost'. I am telling myself not to be disheartened. I know that it will pick up again. The smiles will once again be genuine. The images even more vivid and for those who have lost their 'spark', it never ever left you. The way we tap into it has just altered.


  1. So sorry to hear your family will be leaving. We moved back to SA just over a month ago & left our family & friends behind in the UK. It's never easy being the one leaving or the one left behind, but it gets better with time. Sending good wishes your way ;-)

    1. Thanks love. We should meet up for tea and cake soon