Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Married girls guide to: Being without your Husband


At 4am in the morning I said goodbye to Mr H as he set his course for a 2 ½ week stint in Gauteng. Part work and part Bachelor party, the house became horribly empty. I struggled sleeping and awoke to a mountain of pillows but no husband. At least I have the dogs to keep me company and I’ve been reminded to look at the positives so I’m keeping my head up and have constructed a list of things that I can now amuse myself with until he returns.

  1. Shower for longer. Mr H complains that I take too long and is quite happy to throw cold water over me. I have decided, because the shower is fairly long, I shall turn it into a soap-rink.
  2. No-more having to hide chocolate bars. I can happily munch in bed watching Say yes to the Dress and Ultimate Cake-off.
  3. Cake for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do.
  4. I’ve picked up my notebooks and am reading through past lyrics and poetry and feeling the tingle of inspiration.
  5. I saw this tutorial on Pinterest about turning a man’s shirt into a skirt. Mr H would never ever left me do it but what he doesn’t know surely can’t hurt?
  6. I’m thinking of turning the kitchen into my own personal laboratory. Bath bombs, body butters, those can all be made at home right?
  7. Eat lentils. So I actually have an intolerance to them but I love black lentils so much. With Mr H gone, I can eat them without worrying about being on the toilet the entire evening.
  8. Flick through my old bridal magazines again. Gaze lustfully after peonies, vintage typewriters and a wedding cake made of cheese.
  9. Plan Mr H's 30th birthday. He is far to inquisitive and I need the time to get everything in order.
  10. Sleep in late on Saturday. I fear for Mr H's life when he wakes me up at the first sight of daylight on the weekend. Now I can keep those blinds firmly shut for a little while longer.

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