Monday, 8 October 2012

The Married Girl's guide to....

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Cooking. I swore to myself that I would not fit into the housewife mould of cooking and cleaning. Indeed, I could not really cook before I got married. I knew the essentials, Chill Con Carne and Chocolate brownies but I wasn't in to making anything fancy or pouring over new recipes. Leading up to the wedding, I was particularly annoyed with the comments made by the older generation in the vein of 'getting ready to start cooking?', 'has your Mum taught you about how to clean a house yet?' and my favorite, 'make sure you have a good meal waiting for him when he gets home'. That made me even more determined to not cook. But life has other plans and things change.

So here's my married girl guide to cooking:

1) We now both love cooking. There is no place in our house for little Miss 1950's. Mr H gets home before me and we choose what we want to cook. He is the King of curries and does amazing ribs and butterfly prawns.
2) 'If I cook, you clean.' Make it fair. We both work therefore we both can get quite crabby and stressed so making it about team effort helps.
3) Try and stay healthy. No one wants to be part of the couple that let themselves go after getting married. Believe me it’s very easy , especially during winter, to snuggle under the duvet with mountains of popcorn and chunky chocolate cookies. However, I’m planning on being around for awhile and want to be in the best possible shape and state of mind (Hahaha, some say I already lost that) for Mr H. When I’m 74, I still want to be able to kick his ass.
4) Try new things. I like to experiment. New recipes used to scare me but now I just pour over them and Mr H is the guinea pig.
5) Be better than his Mother. Ooh, now this is a delicate topic. In the beginning, I was reminded of all the amazing meals that Mr H’s mum could cook and it was a daunting task to try and beat that. Fear kept me from stepping out but now I realized that my cooking is just different and we cook with different palates in mind plus, Mr H has to live with me so tough titties.
6) It’s okay to have dessert for dinner. I realize that this goes against my original statement on being healthy but sometimes, often actually, left-over chocolate brownies miraculously find their way into your mouth. Rules are made for breaking people!
7) Sit down to eat. With busy lives, the temptation is to eat on the go or apart but that time spent together chatting about the day is important. A lot of the time, we cook in the kitchen together so we air our thoughts, frustrations and ideas before eating which makes dinner time a little quiet however, that just means more attention spent on the actual eating.
8) Have a day off. No need for a discussion there. Try out that new restaurant or go to a food market.

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