Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Things I've learnt over the past week

  1.  My guilty Television pleasure when the Husband is away, is America's next top model and Dragon's Den.
  2.  I'm addicted to popcorn with rich buttery caramel sauce.
  3. I'm in dire need of more shoes. Especially a pair of nude pumps. 
  4. After the past few weeks of Farmer's protests and strikes, the ANC need to be steamrolled and remolded to feature some humanity.
  5. Sweet peas are such beautiful flowers and the smell reminds me of walking through an English garden with my Mum.
  6. I want this bag from Woolworths.
  7. Brampton do a lovely Sauvingon Blanc.
  8. With the help of my puppy Ferdi, we've made friends with most of the dogs in the neighbourhood. I may organize a mass play date.
  9. Without BB, I wouldn't be able to chat to my brother and Dad over in the UK at odd hours in the day.
  10. My D.I.Y skills are improving. Look at this cute corsage I made for my puppy. 

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