Friday, 14 December 2012

On my Christmas list...

Has anyone else felt the tension this year? There were so many moments when I've stopped and looked around me and thought, where the heck am I/who am I? The ups have been equally matched by the downs and I'm currently gliding on neutral right now. My family moving back to the UK was terrible and there have been HUGE tragedies over the past few weeks BUT, one does not get through it by languishing in sorrow and self-pity.
God has a plan and in the meantime, I'll just have to spoil myself with some presents, these ones in particular: (click on the price to view where they are from)

1) Zoku single quick pop maker - R299
2) Initial ring lowercase - R470 (perfect as Mr H's name begins with a B)
3) Vintage blackboard vinyl for writing love notes on - R260
4) Cappuccino cups - R280
5) Art map of the World to pin all the places I have been and want to go - R549
6) Hero Pins - R120 each

What's on your Christmas wish list?

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Golf inspired cupcakes

I like baking. You know that by now. You might also know that once I have tried something, unless it was out of this world amazing, I get bored of it and move on....unless I cocked it up big time because then I need to guily trip myself into making it again and again. Anyway, for Mr H's 30th birthday, I made him cupcakes which isn't very WOW of me but they were golf inspired cupcake.

The green was not as bright as I wanted but in sweltering heat (it was the first ridiculously hot day we had in Cape Town) I had to work fast with the butter cream.

I used a white coconut Ferrero Rocher for the 'golf ball' and mixed shredded coconut with some green food dye to give the 'grass' texture.

Once you have the basic cupcake recipe, these were very easy and yummy to make.

What do you think?

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Places you shouldn't buy food from (and their alternatives)

from Life Magazine

As Christmas closes in, you may be looking out for some yummy treats to fill your face with. Here's a wee guide to places you should avoid and their better alternatives.

For cakes: 

DON'T do Charly's Bakery.
I used to work at King James in Woodstock and so Charleys was the obvious choice for office cakes and treats. But without fail, every cake we received was either burnt or tongue-numbingly dry. They have become over commercialized and their standards just can't keep up which is such a shame.

INSTEAD, head to Lady Cupcake.
Based in CBD, the Red Velvet is the best I have ever had and they go out of their way to make each cupcake look beautiful. They even do a Bacon, Cinnamon & Maple Cupcake which sounds amazeballs.

For Fudge:

DON'T do Amfudge.
Based at the Somerset West Mall, they have got some of the nastiest fudges I’ve ever had the misfortune of shoving into my face. I got Death By Chocolate which was rather fitting as I did almost die. I was told it had real dark chocolate in it and by that I expect 65% and above. It was cooking chocolate.

INSTEAD, eat Chantelle’s cookies and cakes fudge.
You'll find her fudge at Willow Bridge slow market on a Saturday and it is so ridiculously creamy that you could melt. She may start banning me from her stall because I steal all the testers.

For Macarons:

DON'T do Myatt at the Waterfront.
If you are determined to eat there, take a magnifying glass with you. You'll need it to view your food. As well as some tweezers to pick it up with. When I want a macaron, I want something substantial. Myatt doesn't give you that and for the price, it's a rip-off.

INSTEAD, go to Cassis in Gardens.
Their macarons are to-die-for. Thick, rich, and oozing with Parisian charm and excellence. They also happen to be one of the cheapest in Cape Town.

For the Drinks

DON'T do Fire and Ice, Protea Hotel.
The service is so poor at their bar that you might as well bring your own drinks with you because you're not going to get served for at least 35minutes. We did complain after we went there one night for a Milkshake (those things are heavenly) and they were very good and gave us a complimentary dinner - which rocked, So I'm in two minds about them. Head to their restaurant rather than the bar.

INSTEAD, choose Knife at Century City.
I know it isn't glamorous but if you want to find the best Mojito, head there. They have a half-price offer on a Tuesday for women so your cocktail becomes something like R15. Bargain!


They also do a half price cocktail and sushi menu which I'm rather addicted to. You may find me there, holding on to the floor,

Any places you've been to where you were disappointed or have you got some glowing reviews to share?