Monday, 14 January 2013

Dressed to impress at the Globes

It's that time again! Time to rate and slate those Hollywood babes and fancy ourselves as the next Anna Wintour. Unfortunately, this year was a real parade of blandness and ill-fitting cuts.

The Good - proving that black is still victorious.

Kate Hudson, Glen Close (in midnight blue), Helen Mirren, Adele all look divine

Rachel Weisz, Taylor Swift looking grown-up for a change, Megan Fox and Lea Michele who finally looks demure - I love this look on her.

The Bad
Sally Fields almost had it right except that she disobeyed the golden rule that if you can fit a pencil case between your bosoms, you shouldn't wear a low-slung dress.
Sally Hyland shouldn't be wearing something this old. Her hair is overdone to the point of looking like a wig.

The Ugly

Emily Mortimer looks to be channeling Florence Welch but with very little success. Brush your hair and leave the chain mail to the lord of the Rings fans.
Giuliana Rancic or should that be Rancid. Someone please tell the corpse bride that it isn't Halloween yet.
Jessica Chastain needs a bra, a new hair cut and possibly something better to wear than a shower curtain.
Sienna Miller rustled up some 1950's pillow cases to wear in homage to her Grandmother. I don't think Granny would be amused.

What were your thoughts?

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