Thursday, 7 February 2013

Do something that scares you

2013 is the year of change.

It's the year that I decided to start acting on my passions and talents. To start saying yes more. To start seeing God more and to start striving for change.

It's the year to do those things that have previously scared me witless. To push myself and commit to doing things that I have always wanted to do but have pushed aside.

Why 2013? Because I can. Because I want to be running with life, not letting it drag me kicking and screaming through another year.

So far, I have:

  • Gotten closer to my husband. No more secrets. No more living with walls or barriers.
  • I'm committed to baking birthday cakes for Resilient Kids SA in Fisantekraall.
  • We're looking at starting a family...and not one with dogs.
  • I'm in an awesome job and I'm going to rock it.
  • I went for idols.
The last one happened over the past week. It was scary. It was a long, fake process but it was awesome.

Did you know that Idols is made of 3 audition rounds. Yes. What you see on TV is utter nonsense.

For the first round, thousands queue at Grand West for hours to sing in front of an unknown judge. 
If you get through that, you then wait to be seen by the directer to check if you a) have a story, b) have talent or c) have both - what they say determines if you get a golden ticket.
If you successfully complete that, you spend another day doing interviews and then another day waiting for hours to go in front of the TV judges.

3 days. 3 days wearing the same outfit and living and breathing Grand West.

I am now wine girl. They heard I am a wine news editor and that became my thing. I lost count of how many times I had to describe  Randall, Unathi and Gareth as wine varietals for the cameras.

And for all the waiting, I didn't make it past those judges but I wouldn't change it. I grew closer to Mr H. Met some people with amazing talent and saw how the music of SA is being picked.

The saddest thing though, was the way they mercilessly ripped those without talent, the wooden mics. They built them up and then watched them break out in tears. All in the name of television. One girl, Cecelia, was made to go away and learn two songs just for the judges to tell her no twice. Feel for her guys - these people are made to feel as though they are super stars and are then broken for the cameras.

Watch out for the girl in the purple dress who looks like Rachel from Glee - she is fabulous!

So that was my one scary thing for the month and I'm proud I got that far. I learnt that my strengths lie in my confidence, my ability to be at ease and I've become better at taking criticisms. I've learnt that whilst I'm part of New Breed Africa, I'm not made for SA's pop industry. But, I'm glad I scared myself -  by doing that, I know how far I can push myself in the future.

What scary thing have you done this month?

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