Friday, 8 February 2013

It's Friday

The weekend has arrived and whilst my body is telling me that I must sleep for 24 hours straight, my mind wants to go, go, GO!

So let's keep going. Here's to the weekend and to a fortuitous Friday. Be blessed with the following:

1) There is a word for that fear/anger you get when your headphones wrap around your phone charger and your iPod charger and all you see is red. It's called garglamesh....which of course I'm totally taking from Urban Dictionary which means it is made up. Sorry guys, there is no way to describe that kind of frustration.
2) There is a movie coming out about zombies falling in love. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, "too many dead movies, we want something different." But I think it's going to be pretty cool. Here's the trailer.
3) Valentine's day is next week and whilst I don't celebrate it (see last year's VD post), there are some pretty awesome things you can do for the month of love. Check them out here.
4) Naked cakes are in, icing is out. It's good news for those who lack the decorating prowess or for those who are on a mini diet.
5) Got something to say to a loved one? Say it on a cookie with help from Yuppiechef
6) Listen to Anna Nalick this weekend. Sort of Delilah is playing over and over.
7) After 3 trips to Charly's Bakery, they are still not up to scratch. I shall be divulging what I ate next week.
8)  If you are going to drink anything this weekend, make it Villiera rose bubbly - need I say more?

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