Friday, 26 April 2013

Dog Gone.

It has been over a week since we last saw our Laby Ferdi. We miss him dreadfully and night and day we've been searching and phoning around. No one has seen him. He's gone missing before but was picked up by a lovely animal-lover. This time it's more serious. No one seems to have seen him.

For those living in the Durbanville/Brackenfell areas, he's just over a year, cream, ever-so friendly and unneautered....

We've heard terrible stories of what people do with unneautered dogs and received a stern telling off from one person but to not neuter him was our choice. Mr H got a little queasy anytime I mentioned it and I never felt the need to because, whilst he had a lot of energy, we did exercise him....however, he did wine, dine and *cough* our female dog Mia...anyway, that is another story. On the negative, a dog that hasn't been 'done' has a higher tendency to run away and run Ferdi did. A lot.

So now we sit without him. Our other 2 dogs have become a lot more sombre and I miss that naughty rascal.

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